We Asked…They Listened! eDrawings Pro for iPad is Here!

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Back in May DS SolidWorks ventured into the mobile app platform by releasing its popular eDrawings for iPad app.

Overall, the app was really good right from the beginning both in functionality and stability however there were enhancements that the community requested that would make the app even better.  I also had a few enhancements that I requested in my original review of the app.

Well now a lot of those enhancements are available in the new eDrawings Pro for iPad app that went live in the Apple iTunes Store this morning.  The app is currently on sale for $4.99 (for 30 days) and after that will be $9.99.  Here is the official description and screenshots from the iTunes app page.

Special Introductory Price for a limited time!

eDrawings® Pro for iPad is the professional 2D and 3D CAD collaboration app for the iPad that can view native SolidWorks® files (part, assembly, drawings), eDrawings files, and DraftSight® (DWG™, DXF™) files. You can easily view models and access configurations, drawing sheets, and exploded views for eDrawings files published from SolidWorks and all other supported CAD software.

Markup! Measure! Section!  eDrawings® Pro for iPad takes you to the next level of 2D and 3D collaboration with more functionality, including dynamic cross section views, measurements, markups and annotations, and the unique ability to share it all by email!

With a brand new intuitive user interface and improved performance, eDrawings® Pro for iPad enables you to dynamically view cross sections of your models in XY, YZ, or ZX directions from both sides and easily drag the cross section plane on screen or with a convenient slider. You can also measure distances in your designs, with easy-to-use selection filters for faces, edges, vertices, and holes.

With eDrawings® Pro for iPad you can create markups on your drawings, including text notes, freehand notations, dimensions, cross-section views, photos, and camera snapshots.

You can share your marked up eDrawings files with others for review and further comments. All markups with history are saved within the eDrawings file.


* New intuitive and easy-to-use user interface

* Significant performance improvements for opening, viewing, and interacting with all types of models

* Open 3D (EASM, EPRT, SLDASM, SLDPRT), 2D (EDRW, SLDDRW, DWG, DXF), and associated files from any source: email attachments, cloud storage services (Dropbox™, Google Drive™, SkyDrive®, YouSendIt®, and others), email, web and FTP sites, networks, and iTunes® File Sharing

* Zoom, pan, and rotate your 3D and 2D CAD data using multi-touch

* Browse your assembly components tree, model configurations and drawing sheets

* Hide, show, or make components transparent

* Select View mode: standard orthogonal views, shaded with edges, perspective view

* Play animated 3D standard views as well as 2D drawing views

* View your designs in full screen and double tap to fit it on screen

* Double tap zooms to drawing views

* Markup your designs and send to others, and read others’ markups

* Measure your design data

* View cross sections of your 3D designs

* Sample files included

For more information, visit: http://www.edrawingsviewer.com






I currently use the eDrawings for iPad app quite often and it has brought a whole new aspect to how I can do business with my customers.  Because of this I am EXCITED to see and test out the new Pro version.

As soon as I have had time to mess around and test it, I will post a follow up review here so STAY TUNED!


3 thoughts on “We Asked…They Listened! eDrawings Pro for iPad is Here!

  1. This is a great app for viewing SolidWorks files. I think it needs to have support for Pro/E files like the computer version of eDrawings.Saw some glitches when changing the view of large assemblies where components disappear until the view stops moving.Other than that the app is great and very useful. I plan to use if I ever need to interview for another job to show off my CAD work.

  2. eDrawings for iPad allows you to open native SolidWorks parts, assemblies, & drawings AND also DWG and DXF files via either emails, iTunes File Sharing, or internal networks. You can get a feel for how these files will look on the iPad app.

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