Back From The Dead!

First and foremost, I need to share with you that I am using a new app on my iPad called Blogsy to write this post so if the formatting, spelling, or grammar turns out to be JUNK, I apologize. Also, I would like to say that if the article itself has a raunchy stench to it, I unfortunately can't blame the app for that and all I can blame is the sub zero temperatures I am being forced to endure right now and my lack of witty writing skills.
I need to confess that keeping this blog up to date over the last 18 months has been pretty low on my priority list but after seeing & reading all of the stuff coming out of SUNNY Orlando, FL this week, I have a renewed interest in bringing this blog “back from the dead”. I know this is probably the thirty thousandth time I have wrote this but I haven't felt this reinvigorated in a long time. Also, I am hoping that IF this new app works out, it will allow me to be a little more mobile & flexible with writing my posts.
Like I mentioned, there has been some interesting news coming out of the Swan & Dolphin Resort this week at SolidWorks WORLD 2013. Some of the highlights so far haven been…
  1. The Introduction of SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual
  2. User & Seats Statistics
  3. and probably a few more that I am forgetting right now due to the frostbite starting to form on my brain.
I am hoping to spend some more time in the upcoming days / weeks covering some of these topics more in detail especially after I try to round up some more information about them.


Ok, that is enough for now. My fingers are starting to freeze to the screen as I am trying to type this so I better shut down and shove my hands down my pants like a baseball player in October (for you Cubs fans, that is what some players & managers do to keep the hands warm during the postseason which I thought I better clarify seeing you probably don't even realize there is baseball played in October any more).


Until next time, stay classy SolidWorks Community!



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