hidden gem: total uninstall option now available

First and foremost, I am taking no credit for finding this so I want to give credit where credit is due.  Chris Snider, Application Engineer at 3DVision Technologies, posted a few weeks back on their blog that SolidWorks now has the “Total Uninstall” option that so many CAD Admins have begged and pleaded for for a long time.

However, this new option is not easily found unless you know where to look.  Starting with SolidWorks 2011 SP3.0, you can start the uninstall process, and click on the program bar at the top of the uninstall window as shown below.  From there you will notice the “Total Uninstall” option as shown below.

total uninstall

For more information on this you can check out the Forum Topic for this tool.

As a CAD Admin I want to personally thank the SolidWorks developers for finally adding this to the program.  This will make my life much, much, much simpler.