Do More Good


A few weeks back I attended my 1st ever TEDx event which was held locally.  The event, TEDx Macatawa, was limited to 450 attendees and was an invite only event in which I was LUCKY enough to receive 1 of the invitations to the sold out event.

So what is TEDx?  The best way that I can describe it to SolidWorks users is to compare it to a General Session at SolidWorks WORLD when they have innovative & inspirational speakers on stage.

The theme of this independent TED event was “Do More Good” and it got me thinking about myself and in turn the entire SolidWorks community.  What are we (including me) doing to make a difference in this world?  I think back to a few years ago at SolidWorks WORLD when they highlighted the company that is making the baby incubators for 3rd world countries.  This company is “doing more good”.

When I think of the SolidWorks community, there are some of the brightest, most innovative people that are a included in this AND we all have 1 of the best design tools (if not the best) at our finger tips each and every day that can assist us in “doing more good”.

So I ask you, what are you going to do or what can you do to “do more good”?  I have not fully come up with an answer to this myself yet BUT I am trying to search deep inside myself for an answer.  MAYBE you are already do something to make a difference in this world.  If so, I encourage you to share.

Maybe you need some inspiration.  If this is the case, here is the link to all of the talks from the day I spent at TEDx Macatawa.

Also, if you ever have the chance to attend either the annual TED event or a independent TEDx event near you, I highly encourage you to do everything in your power to attend it.